Expressions of interest are invited for registering as Home Stay Hosts

The necessary criteria are:

  • You hold, and everybody in your household age 15 and above holds a current Ochre Card or you/they are most likely illegible to obtain one and have already, or are willing to apply for one. You/They will be required to produce your/their card for verification before any students will be assigned to your household.
  • One or more spare rooms, each with one bed for one student. No doubling up for Home Stay students. While Farm Stays are normally just a couple of days, home stays tend to stay longer, weeks, months and on rare occasions, even years.
  • Your home is located the Darwin/Palmerston area, and you are prepared to transport or send on public transport, the student to school every day and provide them with 3 meals a day during their stay at your home.

If you and everyone in your home age of 15 or above can comply with this criteria, and you would like more information about  our home stay programme, please fill in the form below, and we will be in touch.

All fields on this form are required. Please put a 0 in the Ochre Card box if you don’t currently have an Ochre Card.